Van Xan

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With his dark vocals, poppy arrangements and delicate indie craft, Dutch singer/songwriter Van Xan started as a solo artist, early 2022.

Van Xan is originally a drummer. A professional drummer for one decade now. He plays in several bands and owns his own drumstudio, named ‘Only Drumming’, where he records his songs and teaches drums.

In 2023 the Van Xan band is formed. The band members are:

Xander van Veelen – vocals / rhythm guitar

Lex van der Beek – vocals / lead guitar

Mark van Lochem – vocals / bass guitar

DaniĆ«l Kitsari – drums

This Summer: Van Xan live at Willemeen, Arnhem!

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‘Live at the Shed’ by Van Xan

Bandera Latina feat. Van Xan – This Christmas (Live)

Xander & Kiki

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Xander van Veelen and Kiki Lelie, better known as Xander & Kiki, form a Dutch music duo together. Kiki was born in Arnhem and Xander in Oosterbeek. They now live in Arnhem, were they have their own music studio and their own record label, called Xanalogue Music. They first made music together in early 2014.

They have performed their own work in France, Belgium, Great Brittain and in the Netherlands.

They are both big music and nature lovers. Many of their songs are inspired by encounters in and with nature and about love adversity in the social aspect. Both have been making music since childhood.

Over a hundred songs have been written. This duo will be around for a while!